15 August 2019, (Tel Aviv, Israel) - The Philippine Government understands the plight of Filipino parents and their Israel-born children who may be repatriated by the Israeli Government. 

The Philippines calls on Israel, a close friend and a liberal democracy like the Philippines, to ensure a humane, just, and orderly consideration of the request of parents that their children be allowed to stay in their country of birth.

At the same time, Filipinos who work in Israel must be aware of their contractual obligations and must respect and abide by the immigration rules of the host country.

The Philippine Government, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Overseas Workers' Welfare Administration, has prepared reintegration programs for those who will be repatriated. The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv has visited those already detained and has briefed all those who wish to return voluntarily about their options and assistance they can avail of. END