11 December 2019 – On 11 December 2019, Mr. Gregory Bekerman and Mr. Guy Hmairi, Executive Producer and CEO of the reality show Survivor Israel, respectively, met with Philippine Ambassador to Israel Neal Imperial.


Mr. Bekerman conveyed that he first visited Caramoan in 2009 and since then has decided that it is the best location to shoot Survivor Israel. In 2010, two seasons of the primetime reality show for Israel was shot in Caramoan. After the 2017 season was shot in Palawan, the production returned to Caramoan for its 2018 and 2019 seasons.


“I wish to thank Mr. Bekerman and Mr. Hmairi, and the entire production company for consistently choosing the Philippines, especially the Caramoan Islands, for the Survivor Israel series. Not only did the show present the beautiful, exotic, and pristine beaches of Caramoan, it also fostered deep bonds of friendship between our two nations and the Israeli and Philippine production staff,” said Ambassador Neal Imperial.


“We are very pleased with the production crew from the Philippines with whom we have been working for so many years now. Filipinos are truly warm and hospitable people, skilled, and their knowledge of the English language gives them the advantage of working easily with foreigners,” Mr. Bekerman said in connection with his years of experience working with the Filipino production crew.


Survivor Israel episodes are aired on primetime at Reshet 13 channel for around four months every year. - END-



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Philippine Ambassador to Israel Neal Imperial (center), with Mr. Golan Yossifon, Marketing Representative of the Philippine Department of Tourism, Mr. Gregory Bekerman, Executive Producer of Survivor Israel, Mr. Guy Hmairi, CEO of Survivor Israel, and Third Secretary and Vice Consul Judy Razon, Head of the Philippine Embassy’s Economic Section.

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Ambassador Neal Imperial with Israeli social media influencers and professional photographers at Gota Island in Caramoan, Philippines during the Familiarization Tour to Bicol held last March 2019. Photo credit: Mr. Basti Hansen.