Philippines-Israel Bilateral Relations



The Philippines and Israel relations have always been warm and friendly. Political, Cultural, Economic, Scientific and Technological cooperation between the two countries continue to prosper.

The year 2007 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Philippines and Israel. In 1957, the State of Israel and the Republic of the Philippines established full diplomatic relations with the signing of the Treaty of Friendship on 26 Feb 1958. The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Tel Aviv and the Embassy of the State of Israel in Manila were opened in 1962.

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Bilateral Agreements

There are, at present, fourteen major bilateral Agreements between the Philippines and Israel:

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Trade Cooperation

Philippines and Israel Trade Cooperation continue to grow but remains minimal in comparison with other countries in Europe and America. In 2007, the Philippine exports to Israel amounted to US$ 33,929,631 while imports from Israel reached US$ 248,448,918.

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