22 January 2020 - The Filipino Language and Culture Program at Bialik Rogozin Campus in Tel Aviv, under the auspices of the Philippine Embassy in Israel, resumed class on 21 October 2020. About 40 students joined the program this year.


The third year of the program gained the strong support of many parents of Filipino children, born and raised in Israel who speak only the Hebrew language and limited English. The program is run by volunteer teachers from the Filipino community, in cooperation with the Embassy and the Department of Foreign Affairs – Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers’ Affairs.


Last year, the program taught the children the Filipino alphabet, words for shapes, colors, parts of the body, and the Filipino family, as well as the Philippine national anthem and the flag as part of the introductory lessons in history. They also learned native games and songs in Filipino. 80 students have so far graduated from the program.


“I encourage you to attend this Filipino language class to help you learn more about the Philippines and Filipino culture. The Embassy and volunteer teachers from the Filipino community are giving their time and effort to be here every week to teach you”, says Mr. Jalal Touchi, Campus Principal, at the opening of the class.


The Filipino Language and Culture Program is a project of the Balai Quezon (Quezon Center) of the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv and Bialik Rogozin Campus to promote the welfare of Filipino children born in Israel by providing reintegration support and teaching them about their cultural roots and identity.– END-


bialik start1

Vice Consul Judy Razon explains to the students on topics to be covered for the this year’s program.


 bialik start2

Vice Consul Judy and Ms. Adi of Bialik Rogozin showing some learning materials to be used during the program.


 bialik start3

Students singing the Philippine national anthem “Lupang Hinirang” before the start of the Filipino language class at Bialik Rogozin