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At present, approximately 23,000 out of the 29,000 Filipinos in Israel are employed as caregivers, which is one of two sectors that Israel has opened to employment for Filipino nationals.

Caregivers, who are considered semi-skilled workers, provide healthcare and assistance with activities of daily living for elderly and disabled Israelis. They also enjoy a favorable labor and working environment, and under Israeli law are provided equal protection of their rights, well-being, and welfare, including benefits such as sick and vacation leaves, transportation and food allowance, annual recuperation pay and severance pay.

While Filipino workers in Israel are among the highest paid in the region, under Israeli law they are only allowed to work in Israel for up to five (5) years, with some exceptions granted under special circumstances.

The Philippine Embassy in Israel maintains a strong relationship with the Filipino community in Israel and, with the support of Filipino community federations and about 50 other FilCom organizations, regularly implements programs for the benefit of overseas Filipinos and their families.

The Federation of Filipino Communities in Israel (FFCI) and the National Alliance of Filipino Communities – Israel (NAFILCO) lead the various Filipino organizations in Israel. FFCI and NAFILCO extend assistance to Filipinos in Israel on a case-to-case basis and work on projects assisting Filipinos in the Philippines. They also conduct sports and social activities for the Filipino Community