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Report of Birth (ROB)

The birth of children born in Israel of Filipino parent/s should be reported to the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv within twelve (12) months from the date of birth. Registration beyond one (1) year will be considered delayed registration of birth.


Requirements for Report of Birth

Submit 1 original and 4 photocopies of the following:

  1. Report of Birth forms duly accomplished by the parent/s;
  2. Original Birth Certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior (with English translation);
  3. Passport of parents;
  4. PSA issued Marriage Certificate of the parents (if parents are married);
  5. If one parent is a foreigner, present original foreign passport or government-issued identification card;
  6. For parents who are dual citizens, four (4) photocopies of Order of Approval or Petition for Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship, indicating the name of the child as a minor-beneficiary of the parent's re-acquisition of Philippine citizenship;
  7. Personal appearance of both parents is required (if not married), the mother may only appear (if married).




  1. All requirements stated above plus additional affidavit of two disinteresed person.


Delayed Registration of Birth

US$ 25.00 (or its equivalent amount in NIS based on current Embassy exchange rate)


US$ 25.00 each (or its equivalent amount in NIS based on current Embassy exchange rate)


Note:  The Embassy personnel may require additional documents depending on the circumstances of the applicant.