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Retention and Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship under RA9225


  1. Duly accomplished Petition form for the Retention and Re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship;
  2. Birth Certificate (apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs)
    1. PSA-Authentication, copy in SECURITY PAPER (SECPA), if born in the Philippines
    2. PSA Report of Birth, if born abroad
  3. Photocopy of Foreign Passport;
  4. Certificate of Naturalization or other documents to prove naturalization in a foreign country;
  5. PSA Marriage Contract or PSA Report of Marriage, if married, Divorce Decree, if separated (duly apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs);
  6. Four (4) pieces passport-size colored pictures over white background showing left side, right side and front views;
  7. PSA Birth Certificate or PSA Report of Birth of children duly apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs; Passport of Children below 18 years old (if any) and Four (4) pieces passport-size colored pictures over white background;
  8. If you are registered with the Bureau of Immigration, applicants must surrender the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or the Immigration Certificate of Residence for Temporary Visitors (CRTV);
  9. Proof of Payment of application fee (original Official Receipts)

Note:  The evaluation process will begin only when the applicant has submitted all the requirements.  After having successfully passed the said process, the applicant will be requested to appear at the Embassy to take the Oath of Allegiance. The Oath of Allegiance is the final act in retaining or reacquiring Philippine Citizenship.