24 November 2021 - On 23 November 2021, the Embassy hosted fifteen (15) celebrities from the primetime reality TV show in Israel “Survivor VIP” (הישרדות) currently being aired on Channel 13.


Fifteen Israeli celebrities who are popular actors, actresses, models, and TV personalities in Israel, were interviewed by media and social media vloggers/influencers while wearing Filipiniana clothes and accessories. They showed eager interest in the well-crafted barong Tagalog made of piña silk and banana fiber.

 Also featured in the event were popular Filipino dishes. The guests savored all-time favorite Lumpiang Shanghai, Pansit Bihon, Beefsteak, Lumpiang Togue, and Chicken Adobo, and finished off with mouth-watering and colorful Sapin-Sapin, Pichi-Pichi, and Puto. The cocktails featured the exotic rhums of the Philippines, Tanduay and Don Papa, Ginebra gin, San Miguel beer and Red Horse beer. 

The celebrities were captivated by the beauty of the island and the Filipino people during their stay in Caramoan. They showed photos of them interacting with the local community and described the Filipino’s warmth and hospitality as the best part of their island experience.

 “I wish to thank the producers of Survivor – Israel for choosing the Philippines once again as the enchanting backdrop of the hit reality show. It is always a pleasure for our people to show the deep connection we share in our relations. I am pleased to hear your stories about our beautiful islands, but more so, the bond and friendship you keep with the Filipinos you met,” Ambassador to the State of Israel Macairog Alberto said in his remarks.

 This 2021 VIP season was shot in the captivating island of Caramoan and is being aired in Channel 13. The series was also filmed in Caramoan in 2010, 2018, and 2019.


The event was made possible through the coordination of Mr. Golan Yossifon, Philippine Department of Tourism Market Representative to Israel since 2019.– END-


 2 Survivor pic12 Survivor pic2

Philippine Ambassador to the State of Israel Macairog S. Alberto with the celebrity-contestants in the primetime reality show Survivor VIP (הישרדות).


2 Survivor pic3

Ambassador Alberto welcomes the Israeli celebrity-contestants of Survivor VIP (הישרדות), media and social media influencers.


2 Survivor pic4

The Survivor VIP (הישרדות) celebrities re-enacting their island experience in Caramoan.

 2 Survivor pic5

The Survivor VIP (הישרדות) celebrities enjoying their reunion at the Embassy event.

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